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Iowa HS Senior Photography: My Favorite Photos

I think every photographer says how much they love working with high school seniors, seniors are fun to work with. I find these sessions to be some of my most creative and that equals even more fun for me. I enjoy working with a single subject, trying new angles and areas, working with interesting lenses, it's just a bunch of fun.

So, I have decided to make a list (as of June 2019) of my favorite senior photos - all taken here in Iowa and southern Minnesota. I don't like to travel too much for these, but generally speaking I am happy to drive 1-2 hours (Usually includes a travel fee if its over 30-40 minutes)

Anyway... with no further ado, here are a few of my favorite senior photos, in no particular order.

1. Kristina. (photos: 2015). One of my first senior sessions. The first photo was taken in Mason City, IA right behind the Brick building (I think). The wind had kicked in and instead of fussing about it all, we went with it. The 2nd photo was taken at the Mason City airport.

They remain 2 of my favorite images because I felt like we transcended the era, they could have maybe been taken 75 years ago. To me, they have a classic feel to them.

*Kristina is a cool young lady as well - we have worked on different photography projects since these were taken.

2. Kaleb (photos: 2018). I love hunting slivers of sunlight and shadows. It is somewhat difficult to work with direct sun as you have to make sure you don't blind your people or wash them out with light. I shoot manual always, so its just a matter of shutter speed and f stop for me. I tend to shoot these dark and lighten them in post. I always dug how this one turned out.

This one was taken in a bank drive-thru lane (It was closed) with my head pressed up against an ATM machine to get a good angle.

3. Booker (photo: 2018). I love this photo because of its message. Booker is an active member of the LGBTQ community, not just in his personal life, but also active in policy and groups.

I simply love everything about this photo. His attitude, the flag behind him (his dad is holding it) and the cool location in Mason City (the art park). It was a great session and fun hangin with Booker and his dad. This photo seemed to hammer down everything for me. One of my all-times.

I am an ally for the LGBTQ community, love them all. Love people. Kindness is coolness.

I think this photo is bad ass.

4. Madeline (photos: 2018). I was jonesing to shoot some senior photos in the Rochester, MN area, so I was super excited that Madeline and her mother were game for the trip. They have roots in the area, so it was no biggie. I met them at Starbucks near Mayo Clinic where we started. After that we ended up near Elgin at the family apple orchard. It was a great session - I love exploring new areas, especially larger cities.

Here are my 3 favs from that session:

5. David (Photos: 2017). David is one of my favorite HS senior sessions because he also happens to be my step-nephew if that is such a thing..? His dad, Brent, is my step-brother. Brent and I had many inappropriate conversations which kept us all laughing - David sometimes shaking his head in disbelief. Brent is a sheriff's deputy for Polk County, so he knew the area very well. Great fun.

We snagged these 2 photos which remain 2 of my favorites:

6. Colton (2018). One of my all-time favorite head-shots. I love black and white. I shot this with my 50mm f1.2L wide open. Mucho fun on this session too.

7. Jackson (2018). Easily my favorite basketball photo from any session. Jackson and his mother were super nice - you can find him playing basketball at Wartburg this year.

8. Caylee from 2017. It seems like a sad photo? Caylee was great to work with. I dig the purple hair! Used the 45mm Ts lens for this. Its a super fun lens. This is a good example of one that I didnt think too much of in camera, but really loved as I edited.

9. Morgan (2016 I think). This one was taken above my studio downtown in an abandoned old apartment. Super sketchy location, but I dug the photos! Ha.

My favorite:

10. Last, but not least... The final 3 shown in this order: Jashawn, Rylee and Dylan.

I know I m leaving a bunch out. I tend to have lots of favorites, which maybe means I just like them all... Who knows.

If you need some senior photos done here in northern Iowa or southern Minnesota, I am happy to chat! Cities I am happy to cover with no travel fees: Charles City, Osage, Mason City, Nashua, New Hampton, Waverly... all points in between. Really, if I can get there in under 40 minutes, we are all set!

Thank you for reading and looking. I appreciate all your kind comments and I am looking forward to a new school year and a new set of HS Seniors!

All ready to book the Class of 2020!


Karl or just click HERE to contact me.

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