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Quad Cities Wedding and Engagement Photography: Chase and Ali

DAVENPORT, Iowa - In 2016 I drove SE to Davenport, Iowa for an engagement session with Chase and Ali. I followed that up with another trip in June of 2017 for their wedding.

The engagement session was a lot of fun. I much prefer shooting in a city environment vs a rural area. The city offers so many great options for photography, I love it. The engagement session in Davenport was no exception. We found great locations and backdrops as we walked around - sky walks, parking garages, sidewalks, buildings... the options felt endless. I had a great time and took waht have become some of my favorite images.

Their wedding the following year took place in Bettendorf with a reception that followed in Moline, Illinois. In transit between the two places we stopped in The Village of East Davenport area for some photos - the wedding party enjoyed a few drinks. Mucho fun.

The following photos are just a handful of the images we got, starting with the Davenport engagement session and then the wedding. Hope you enjoy!


And a handful of favorites from the wedding itself...

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