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My Favorite Documentary Wedding Images: Iowa and Minnesota Wedding Photography

Charles City, Iowa - When I made some changes to my website and moved everything over to one site, I lost a bunch of blogs. So, I wanted to write one up and combine some of my favorite images from weddings over the last few years. Sort of like my "best of" wedding photography. Most are from Iowa, but I also have images from Colorado in here. My general service area is Iowa and Minnesota, but I will travel anywhere in the Midwest.

I split my time at weddings between a documentary wedding photography approach and creative wedding portraits. My goal has always been to try to document a more genuine wedding story.

I hope you like these "Best Of" photos. This blog is focused on the documentary side, with a blog geared towards more arranged or posed photos to follow.

If you are here looking for a wedding photographer, I can be reached at and am always ready to chat about your big day.



1. Happy People, Having Fun.

2. First Look, First Dance, Cake, etc...

3. Details etc..

4. The Wedding Ceremony.

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