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Documentary Wedding Photography: David and Jessie's North Iowa Fairy Tale.

New Hampton, Iowa - In June of this year (2017) - I ventured east to New Hampton, Iowa for the wedding of David and Jessie. They were married in a beautiful old Catholic Church a block off the highway in New Hampton. Their wedding was my 2nd at this church and as I said previously, I am not Catholic, but really love the Catholic ceremony - especially in such a beautiful church. I love the tradition and the sanctity of the ceremony.

From the ceremony the wedding party hopped in what has to be the nicest party bus I have ever seen. Like a decked out Grayhound/Limo. Very cool.

We met again along the river in Charles City and took a few group photos before heading into The Pub for drinks. Another wedding party was there as well. Busy. Fun.

From there I hopped on the party bus with the wedding party so I could document that mayhem. So much fun! I always get offered a beer on the party bus. I always decline, telling them "My pictures will get real bad, real quick". I took a photo of the groom offering me one. I love this part of the day - the "stiff" ceremony is over and everyone just unwinds. Super fun! Weddings are a celebration! I love being a part of it.

From there we met again at the Sleep Inn south of town where the reception and dance took place. It was a blast as well. I could tell a couple of the groomsmen were "well into the evening" before the night even began. Ha. *See party bus photos

As always, I had waaay too much fun to call this a job. David and Jessie were so kind and all their friends and family were a joy to be around. I can't think of a better way to spend a Saturday in northern Iowa.

Getting married? If you are looking for a documentary wedding photographer - feel free to email me about your day. I would love to chat.

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