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I'm Karl Haglund. I am the sole photographer and owner of Fugitive Art LLC, aka., Fugitive Lens, aka., Karl Haglund Art and Photography.

In 2012, I started a series of guitar paintings that soon gained worldwide interest. One year into a Master of Public Policy degree at the University of Northern Iowa, I left to pursue being an artist full time. I have shipped my art and art prints all over the world.

I consider myself extremely blessed. 


"Karl Haglund not only captures the totemic power of the instruments that he paints, but the detail is so good that it looks like you could pick the damn thing up and play it."

- Billy Bragg, musician, political activist, bad ass



Soon my painting addiction led to photography.


I approach photography in much the same way that I approach a painting. I try to do something that is unique and as well, something that challenges my ability. My goal is always to create a unique and interesting final product. I take your memories seriously in this regard and I am always honored to capture these moments with you. Photographs of family members and special events are valuable items. The moment is gone, but the picture remains. I like being a part of that.

I am married to the best, Jenna. We have two kids: Anders and Lela. We love to travel, go hiking, go on family bike rides and anything else that gets us outside when the weather is nice.

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