Thoughts On My Art: Guitar Art, Contemporary Abstract Art And Contemporary Swedish Folk Art

CHARLES CITY, Iowa - I will admit, I can be a bit sporadic in my focus when it comes to painting. I started out trying to be Max Beckmann, using oil paint and thick lines, then ventured into all sorts of areas and styles trying to find myself in the mix. Eventually I started a series of guitar paintings right around the time I was finishing up my first year of grad school. The guitar art series allowed me to be a full time artist, dropping out of graduate school at the University of Northern Iowa to be in the studio as much as possible. I am thankful for that. But, after 140-150 guitar paintings, I got super burned out. I still play guitar, think about guitars, buy guitars I don't need... bu

Iowa Wedding Photography: Diamond Oak Events with Brandon and Heather

MASON CITY, Iowa - Wedding Photography - I met Brandon and Heather in late 2016 as they started getting ready for their wedding in July of 2017. We met for an engagement session in Mason City, Iowa and then later again for their wedding at Diamond Oak Events in Clear Lake, Iowa. The engagement session consisted of photos around downtown Mason City followed by a few near Lime Creek Nature Center. I had a great time. The first few photos of Brandon and Heather will be from that session. The couple were married at Diamond Oak Events, a great location for a wedding. I have taken photos at a few weddings there now and always have a great time. The decor was beautiful, the bride and groom were loo

Quad Cities Wedding and Engagement Photography: Chase and Ali

DAVENPORT, Iowa - In 2016 I drove SE to Davenport, Iowa for an engagement session with Chase and Ali. I followed that up with another trip in June of 2017 for their wedding. The engagement session was a lot of fun. I much prefer shooting in a city environment vs a rural area. The city offers so many great options for photography, I love it. The engagement session in Davenport was no exception. We found great locations and backdrops as we walked around - sky walks, parking garages, sidewalks, buildings... the options felt endless. I had a great time and took waht have become some of my favorite images. Their wedding the following year took place in Bettendorf with a reception that followed in

My "Best Of" Wedding Photography: Creative Portraits

Charles City, Iowa - If you are just joining in here, my websites were recently combined - art and photography all in one location. In that process I lost all my blogs. So, I am following up with a few "best of" wedding photography posts to show my work and keep the conversations going. Basically, a blog of my top wedding photos. I wrote another blog focusing more on the documentary aspect of wedding photography, that is where my heart lies. I love capturing those candid moments. They tell a story. The story reads through the emotion captured, how everyone felt on the wedding day. This blog post will focus on "arranged" or "posed" photos. Creative bridal portraits, groom photos, couples, an

My Favorite Documentary Wedding Images: Iowa and Minnesota Wedding Photography

Charles City, Iowa - When I made some changes to my website and moved everything over to one site, I lost a bunch of blogs. So, I wanted to write one up and combine some of my favorite images from weddings over the last few years. Sort of like my "best of" wedding photography. Most are from Iowa, but I also have images from Colorado in here. My general service area is Iowa and Minnesota, but I will travel anywhere in the Midwest. I split my time at weddings between a documentary wedding photography approach and creative wedding portraits. My goal has always been to try to document a more genuine wedding story. I hope you like these "Best Of" photos. This blog is focused on the documentary si

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Artist and Photographer based in Northern Iowa.


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