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My Best/Favorite High School Senior Photography

CHARLES CITY, Iowa - At one point I had individual blogs written for a number of senior photo sessions. But, my blog would not transfer to my new website, so now I am compiling a few "Best Of" lists. I have a blast doing these senior sessions. The Iowa landscape offers a number of great areas to take some cool photos.

Following are what I consider to be some of my best Senior Photography.

No particular order...

1. One of my first senior sessions and still one of my favorites. I met Kristina in Mason City for her senior portraits. We used the downtown area as well as Lime Creek Nature Center. We ended the session at the Mason City Airport where her mother worked at the time.

My favorites:

2. Another of my first senior sessions was with Brandt in 2015. I met Brandt in Charles City for his senior portraits. We meandered around the metropolis and my studio for what I think are some cool photos. (My Watermarks were out of control back then...)

My favorites:

3. Nothing will make you feel older than a former high school classmate booking you for their child's senior photo session. My old friend Wade and his family now call the Nevada Iowa area home, but decided to travel up to Charles City for daughter Kara's senior photography. I was happy to oblige. It was great to see Wade and meet some of his family. I got some great images too. Win/win.

My favorites:

4. Another great session was with Montana. I got a few of the best studio photos I have ever taken from this session. Best being in my opinion.. It was a great session.

My favorites:

5. When it comes senior photos for guys, I put the prism away and we get out the trucks, I had a blast with Jaden and his mom and sister. My friend Todd is a lawyer here in town and always lets me use the upstairs area to his office. Cool place. As well, my friends "The Scotts" let us on their property just North of Charles City. Good fun.

My favorites:

6. I traveled to Des Moines last summer to do a Senior Photo session with David. David is one of my favorite HS seniors to date - particularly because he is my step-nephew. Is step-nephew a thing? Anyway, his dad Brent is my step-brother. We had a great time in downtown Des Moines. I love shooting among the cityscape, so many cool options for the best senior photos.

My favorites:

7. My favorite hair color of any senior photo session goes to Caylee. The purple was fun to use in contrast to the Charles City backdrops. He started in my studio downtown and then traveled around for a few more.

My favorites here:

8. I traveled to Osage, Iowa for a senior photo session last year. Just a 20 minute drive, but I always enjoy new locations. It challenges me and I get some unique photos.

My favorites here with Dylan:

9-?. So many more great senior sessions over the last few years. Many thanks to all of you for trusting me with your senior photos and thanks for reading!

Now booking 2019 Seniors. If you are interested, give me a shout at

Thank you,


Here are a few more:

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