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North Iowa Wedding: The Little Brown Church In The Vale

NASHUA, Iowa - The Little Brown Church In The Vale has hosted more than 74,000 weddings. I am not even kidding. As far as wedding venues go in Northern Iowa and Southern Minnesota, it is a small, but mighty, force.

As the name suggests, it is a small church. Perfect for the smaller wedding. It was perfect for Kyle and Sydney's wedding as well.

On June 2nd, I made the trek south to Nashua, Iowa to shoot my 2nd wedding at the tiny Iowa venue. I love the place. It is such a neat location, neat church... built in 1864 I think... so as a photographer, don't expect for them to let you stand on pews. In fact that is the one rule they make sure you know right away. I don't blame them. I don't want to be the guy to break a 150 year old church pew.

The ceremonies are usually pretty quick, ending with the bride and groom ringing the church bell. It is always such a quaint and cool thing to be a part of. Bigger is not always better. I always have a blast there and this day was no different.

The following are photos of Kyle and Sydney's super North Iowa wedding day, starting at The Little Brown Church and ending at Wildwood Country Club in Charles City. As someone who seems to travel a bunch, ending the day a few blocks from my house was quite a treat.

My best wishes to the happy couple and their awesome family and friends!

If you are about to start planning your wedding day and want to chat, feel free to email me at - I would love to talk. I am happy to travel all over the Midwest, but love working close to home if I can - southern Minnesota and Northern Iowa.

Thanks for reading!



The Wedding Day Photos!

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