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My "Best Of" Wedding Photography: Creative Portraits

Charles City, Iowa - If you are just joining in here, my websites were recently combined - art and photography all in one location. In that process I lost all my blogs. So, I am following up with a few "best of" wedding photography posts to show my work and keep the conversations going. Basically, a blog of my top wedding photos.

I wrote another blog focusing more on the documentary aspect of wedding photography, that is where my heart lies. I love capturing those candid moments. They tell a story. The story reads through the emotion captured, how everyone felt on the wedding day.

This blog post will focus on "arranged" or "posed" photos. Creative bridal portraits, groom photos, couples, and the wedding party. And maybe a few less arranged moments that I love.

I hope you enjoy them!

If you are here seeking a photographer for your wedding, I would love to chat! I can be reached at Thank you for checking out the site and the work. The work feels like too much fun to be called work.

Thank you! Enjoy!



Here goes..

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