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Northern Iowa Wedding: Shellby and Holly

Clear Lake, Iowa - Shellby (not a typo: 2 L's) and Holly!

Their super great wedding (see photos) took place at a venue near Mason City and Clear Lake, Iowa called Diamond Oak Events. The country rustic theme works great out there among the barns and Iowa prairies. I have photographed multiple weddings at this venue and always have a great time. Outdoor weddings are so much fun.

I really loved how non-traditional this wedding felt. It was such a laid back and fun day - it was easy to photograph. As a same-sex couple these two had groomsmen and bridesmaids all over on both sides. The day was absolutely refreshing for me - good for the soul. I have fun at every wedding I photograph, but this one will go down as one of my favorites.

I relived the day as I edited these photos and more than once got emotional. Obviously, these two ladies love each other very much. It was obvious on the day and I think it is obvious in the photos. Following is the proof (the photos).

I hope you enjoy!

Congrats again to the couple!

I welcome the love of all and would be happy to talk about your day! Hit me up at - I would love to hear from you.


The End.

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