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iPhone Photography Session With Kristina: All Photos Taken And Edited On An IPhone7plus

Mason City, Iowa - It's not about expensive gear.

I can say that all day long and mean it, but I am a victim of gear-nerdness as much as anyone else. I enjoy shiny new lenses and camera bodies. Stuff is fun. I like stuff. I buy too much stuff.

Expensive gear can certainly be an advantage. My Canon 5Dmarkiii (I want the markiv... but waiting) is a great workhorse for weddings. It handles low light situations without having to use flash, it works fast and is dependable. I also have a lot of great Canon lenses: the 50mmf1.2 is my baby and my favorite and I love it. I know I can capture the photos I want to capture when I bring this gear. But, I wanted to know that I could take great images (my opinion here..) without my best stuff.

So, I decided it might be a fun challenge to shoot an entire session using nothing but my iPhone 7 plus. I already knew I could get great photos of my many cats, but what else could it do? So, Kristina and I hooked up for just over an hour on Saturday, March 3rd to find out.

I already knew Kristina, I did her senior photos 2 years or so earlier. I knew she was relaxed in front of the camera and would be easy to work with. I also knew the area we were shooting pretty well. I had already done many senior photography and engagement sessions in Mason City. I gave myself these advantages for this photography mission.

I think it turned out great. I had fun and got some cool images. All of these were taken using my iPhone7plus and edited using only the Lightroom mobile app on the same phone.

Feel free to reach out at - Always happy to talk.

Following are the best photos from that session. All iPhone.

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