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Artist Statement:

I consider my work to be heavily influenced by my interest in Anthropology – Biological and Sociological. The work is, at some level, my attempt to explore the origins and usefulness of my subjects in relation to their surroundings. It is an effort in seeking the “how” and “why” and not just the “what.” I am not always convinced that is readable to others, but it is certainly my constant.

I lean greatly towards the exploration of “space” in my process. Not stars and planets, but open areas, room. Breathing space. I fail this so much more often than I accomplish it, but I wonder where I would be without any attempt at all.

I paint in many layers, so acrylic has been my go-to medium for its drying time. A lifetime could be had in the time it takes oil paint to dry. Recently I have used other mediums as well: mostly pencil, oil pastels and markers. Basically, I use whatever materials and tools I need and have that will better get my point across.

I am always asking myself the question “Why bother with this?” Any subject, material, paint or tool that I can use to answer this question for myself, I will use.


Artist Statement Version 2:


Flashback to 1988. The scene: Rural Iowa.

My friend and I sat in his beat-up car in the middle of a rural Iowa park and embarked upon the great process of rolling a giant joint using a page we had ripped from a bible. The paper felt right and we had little religious inclination at the time that would have steered us away from this arrangement.

What happens when you use this type of paper, however, is an incredible misfortune. We lit this majestic sized bible-joint and almost immediately the paper caught fire on its own – separate from the purpose we had intended for it. The following 5 minutes was a frenzy of swatting at fiery ashes floating in the confined space of his car, mere inches from our adolescent heads.


That is my art.


My work is an experiment. A search for balance in composition and the use of space as a safety net.


I use acrylic for its dry time, it is stable and predictable. I paint in colorful layers and shapes, like flaming embers floating around my face.


I use oil pastels, pencil and charcoal, and magazine clippings. All magazines are stored safely in fireproof containers.

**I was what some may call a "troubled youth" - but I am all better now. 


Karl W. Haglund


b. 1972, Wausau, WI

Lives and works in Iowa.


"Karl Haglund not only captures the totemic power of the instruments that he paints, but the detail is so good that it looks like you could pick the damn thing up and play it." - Billy Bragg, musician





2010          B.A. Anthropology, University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls





Ongoing exhibit of guitar art at: 

Vintage Vinyl. St Louis, MO

965 Guitars, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Grimeys. Nashville, TN.

Electric Fetus. Minneapolis, MN

Landlocked Music. Bloomington, IN


              Untitled - Inspired by Max Beckmann. Charles City Arts Center. Charles City, Iowa. August 7th.


2014          Fifteen Keys - The Guitars of St Louis, KDHX The Stage, St Louis, MO.                    Featuring artwork based on the guitars of the St Louis music                      scene.

              Ongoing exhibits of guitar series - prints and/or originals:

                     Vintage Vinyl, St Louis, MO *guitars

                     Aromas Coffee, Charles City, IA

                     Coffee Cat, Mason City, IA *guitars

2013          Bucktown Arts Fest, Chicago, ILL

              Artafest, Charles City, IA

              Iconic Guitars by Karl Haglund, Coffee Cat, Mason City, IA

2012          Vintage Vinyl Guitar Show, Vintage Vinyl, St Louis, MO

              Featured Artist - Art on Broadway, Albert Lea Art Center, Albert                         Lea, MN

              Featured Artist - All work, Coffee Cat, Mason City, IA.

              Featured Artist - All work, Coffee Attic, Iowa Falls, IA

2011          The Hammon and the Beans, Charles City Art Center, Charles City, IA           







2014          Ashley Miller, Paintings Turn Cool Licks Into Sweet Pics, Mason City                     Globe Gazzette. June 22, 2014


              Allison Babka, Painter Karl Haglund Brings St. Louis Musicians' Guitars                  to Life On Canvas, St Louis Riverfront Times. October 8, 2014

              - also -

              Artist Karl Haglund Shares Stories Behind Paintings for Billy Bragg,                     Ryan Adams & STL Musicians. October 9, 2014


              Joe Roberts, Interview, With talk of setting his own work on fire and                    scatological insights into Picasso's work, Karl Haglund casually defies                  the persona of the stuffy and elite artist. Oct 8, 2014



2012          Something You Said, Interview,                                                       art-and-guitars/


              Editors Pick, GO St Louis!, St Louis Post-Dispatch, Vintage Vinyl Art                    Show and Print Kickoff, October


              Andrea Pendergrast, The Product of Imagination, Art Is For Everyone,                     Charles City Press, January 17, 2012


              H Fender Jaguar του Kurt Cobain και άλλες ιστορικές κιθάρες, Oneman               Online Magazine, Greece






2012-2015:    Vice President, Charles City Arts Council, Charles City, IA

Midwest Documentary Wedding Photographer based in Northern Iowa. I travel.

Senior Photography


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