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Info and Investment:

Engagement photographer in Iowa.jpg
Photo Session Pricing etc

$550 plus tax

($150 deposit + $400 for digital files with print release)


- 2 hour session (With outfit changes and location changes as time permits)

- Online gallery

- Download of final edited images (40-50)

- Full print release

Answers to FAQ and etc - Important information about the session and your photos:

- Your gallery of final images is only hosted online for 60 days.

After that time period a fee of $40 plus tax will be imposed on any reuploading. Any USB replacements are an additional $35 plus tax. Both contingent on my still having the photos stored and accessible.  

- Karl Haglund Art is not responsible for retaining any images after one year. 

- A print release grants you the rights to reproduce the images for your own personal use. I still retain copyright on all the images I take. This just means you may not use these images for financial or commercial gain unless specified previously. *Example: Business sessions, Modeling sessions etc.. 

My photography style:

- I don't like to use props like the "sofa in the woods" type of set or shoot through empty picture frames. Its been done so much... Just not my thing. 

I don't have an assistant or carry around big diffusers. I feel like modern editing software and great cameras and lenses have made all that somewhat ridiculous.

I carry 1 bag loaded with 1 camera body (or 2 if we are out of town - just in case... *tries not to jinx gear) and a few of my favorite lenses... and maybe a water bottle. Lets be mobile and have fun.  

I want you to be ecstatic with your final images. I want to high-five my clients at the end (except covid).

- I like to find an interest or hobby your senior is passionate about and take 10-15 minutes of the session to attempt something interesting with that.

Example: Your Senior likes to read - Lets rip up a book and throw pages in the air.  

- Picking a photographer can be stressful and an "unknown" to many - the easiest way to decide on a photographer is by looking at their gallery.

My gallery is a collection of images I love. Your session will be aimed in that same direction. 

Thank you for considering me!


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