My name is Karl haglund and I am an artist and photographer located amongst the frozen and desolate plains of northern Iowa.
I take pictures and paint.


Iowa Senior Photographer top
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I tend to focus mostly on artistic HS senior photography and engagement/couple sessions.

I am currently on hiatus from wedding photography. 

I view photography as another way to create art.

Best Senior Photo
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Harley Davidson engagement
Minneapolis Painting with first avenue

Root Vs Place: Minneapolis and First Avenue

Acrylic, Marker, Pencil on canvas

48x48 inches



Contemporary Iowa artist

Root, 1983: We Found The Monster Under The Bed

Acrylic, marker, pencil, oil pastel on canvas

48x48 inches




I work primarily with acrylic paint for its dry time - to accommodate my impatience.

I also heavily use:

Spray paint, Marker, Pencil

I use brushes. But, lately have been using items like: ink rollers, squirt bottles, scraps of cardboard, tape ...and whatever else may be handy to spread, spray, and splash paint onto the canvas. 

Jason Isbell Gibson Les Paul Red Eye Gui

Recent Project:

Jason Isbell 1959 Les Paul Red Eye.

In mid February of 2019 I was contacted by Jason's label - Southeastern Records - to do a painting of his 1959 Gibson Les Paul "Red Eye" guitar for the release of Jason Isbell and The 400 Unit's new album Reunions. The idea was to do a run of prints that would be given away with sales of this album at independent record stores. I think the coronavirus changed the idea a bit, so that it would be part of a pre-order deal, but still just through indie record stores.  

Independent record stores have been really good to me over the years, so I jumped at the chance. The prints are all gone now (as far as I know) and the original painting is sold. It was great to be a part of.

While this print and original is gone, I still have other guitar prints for sale in my etsy shop here:

I explore recognizable shapes but also like the freedom of the unrecognizable - choosing to focus primarily on shape, color and pattern. 
cityscape painting expressionism moderni

"Root In Relation To Place: I Fell In Love With The Apocolypse"

Acrylic and marker on canvas

48x48 inches


Iowa artist contemporary abstract

"Variant 2"

Acrylic and spray paint on canvas

48x48 inches