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My Best/Favorite Engagement Photography

IOWA - So, I switched up my website - a complete overhaul. This means I lost all the previous blogs I had written about various projects and sessions. Now, my goal is to redo some of those as new posts, more of a "Best of" approach to some things. Other posts I will copy/paste and add.

Following are what I consider to be some of my best engagement photos from the last few years. Hope you enjoy.

Four sessions... In no particular order...

1. I met Chase and Ali in Davenport, Iowa over Thanksgiving weekend in 2016. Ali is from the Quad City area and I followed this session up by shooting their wedding in Bettendorf the following summer. Much fun. We walked around downtown Davenport using the city as our backdrop. We captured some of my favorite images.

The proof:

2. I met David and Jessie in Mason City for their engagement photos. I talked our way into the historic Frank Loyd Wright Hotel for a few. Wonderful building as you might suspect.


3. Shellby (not a typo) and Holly were about as cool people get. We met in Mason City for their engagement photos as well. We had fun walking around the downtown area - lots of great spots for photography. When they contacted me they asked if I was cool with same-sex couples. Of course I am. Love wins.


4. I met Garrett and Meredith at 8am on a Sunday morning. They had actually had engagement photos already taken - and had a photographer hired for their southern MN wedding. But, Meredith is from here in Northern Iowa and wanted a session done here in Charles City. So, they contacted me. Glad they did! I had fun.


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